Melpomene – Charter Useful Information (Naples)

In this section you will find all the useful information to prepare you to enjoy your sailing course in the best possible way, for any further information and curiosity contact us through our official channels.

All information on the charter is contained in the shared charter description page or in the shared documents.


There are some important things that every passenger must do to get on board:

  • having read this useful information
  • having read the terms and condition on this link
  • having paid the due installments
  • comunicate food intolerance and pharmacological treatments
  • have sufficient money (cash) for all payments to be made upon boarding

If you have food intolerances, please comunicate this information some days prior the check-in, this will help us make a good galley for everyone. We are also available to take note of eating habits and preferences, but we cannot be sure of being able to satisfy every need.

If you are taking special treatment, you have to communicate this information to the on-board staff so that they can help you in case of need.


Embarkation and disembarkation is in Naples, the boat is located in the center of Naples at the Darsena Acton a few steps from Piazza Plebiscito and the Maschio Angioino.

For boarding in Naples, the meeting point will be at the Molosiglio Gardens kiosk (look the map). 

The boarding day is always a busy day and we therefore ask you the courtesy not to stop by the boats before the official opening of boarding, which will be communicated to you by owr crew.

The meeting time will be at check-in time mentioned on the charter description page or in the shared documents.

We are sorry but it will not be possible to leave any personal belongings on board before official boarding. For any information, update or communication of delay it is advisable to use the whatsapp group for communication with the crew.

Place and time of the disembarkation are mentioned on the charter description page or in the shared documents.

Coming by train the best way is taking the underground to the Municipio stop and walking to the meeting place.

Coming by flight the best way is taking the Alibus to the Molo Beverello stop and walking to the meeting place.

For those coming by car, the most convenient way to park is at the Molosiglio Gardens, entrusting the car and its keys to the trusted Michele valet in the area.

Of course Taxi is also a good way but please ask and negotiate the price before getting in to the taxi (here you can find the official pricelist).

We are sorry but it will not be possible to leave personal belongings on board before the official embarkation. For those who arrive in the city much earlier and want to leave their luggage, we can recommend a deposit not far from the embarkation point (this is the point on the map)

Please, before coming to the check-in take a look to the charter charter description page or in the shared documents where are mentioned the payment that you have to do at check-in.

All the payment must be in cash (sorry but any other way is accepted!) and the failure to pay the amounts due will not allow us to start the cruise.


Spaces on the boat are limited and must therefore be managed smartly, so it is suggested not to use rigid suitcases or trolleys.

The boat life needs few things!

A non-exhaustive list, excluding underware and evening things that everyone freely decides, could be this:

  • T-shirt
  • polo and t-shirt
  • fleece / sweatshirt
  • warm sweater
  • sports trousers
  • sneakers / sailing shoes
  • sun glasses
  • waterproof windbreaker
  • costume
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • a small backpack
  • a small beauty case
  • sea towel

Tip: don’t worry if you don’t have technical clothing, adapt something comfortable and warm.

If you want to swim, bring a light wetsuit that will help you resist the cold water. Then bring a good book, good music, definitely comfortable shoes for walking and anything that can make you feel comfortable on board.


Melpomene, this is the name of the boat, is a Jeanneau 53

Melpomene has 5 double cabins. The stern cabins are the most spacious and can be used with a double bed or two single beds side by side. The bow cabins are narrower and can be used with a double bed. The fifth cabin is a bunk with two overlapping single beds.

Melpomene has 3 toilets. The central one is accessible from the dinette and also from one of the stern cabin, the other two are accessible from the bow cabins.

The toilets in the bathrooms are one electric, the central one, and two with manual pumps, those in the forward cabins.

Each bathroom can be use in shower mode with electric emptying operated by a button on the floor.

The boat has a large double living room where you can relax during the day, the common area is also a work environment for the staff and the skippers and must therefore always remain as tidy as possible.

Outside, Melpomene has a huge cockpit with a central table and large seats where you can chat and relax, perhaps under the shade of the large awning. During navigation, this area also becomes a maneuvering area with the need for order and space for all operations.

At the bow is another large relaxation area, with huge cushions where you can lie down and sunbathe both at anchor and underway if conditions permit.

Skipper and staff will explain how to experience the boat in complete freedom and will collaborate in maintaining a boat that is always ready to sail.

Melpomene is equipped with a sixth double cabin with bathroom reserved for the crew. The cabin has external access from the deck.


The cabins are in no way pre-assigned, so you will be helped by the on-board staff to distribute yourself among the various cabins that have similar characteristics and identical equipment.

In choosing, collaborate as a good crew, trying to satisfy everyone’s needs and remembering that in the cabin there will be the bare necessities to rest, every now and then!

Once on board you will settle into your cabins. All are equipped with sheets, blankets and personal towels. Each cabin is equipped with a small locker in which you can organize your “wardrobe”.


You will be welcomed and involved by two crew members, a skipper-captain and a hostess-coordinator.

He is the person on board who decides everything concerning navigation and the safety of the boat and crew for which he is responsible. He welcomes everyone’s collaboration and shares the notions of sailing and seafaring life, involving those who wish to maneuver, steer and organize moorings. In the most intense moments of navigation, if they happen to happen, he expects everyone to respect, without delay, his orders in order to protect your and your crewmates safety.

Clarification: it never happened, but if there were people on board whose behavior could damage the safety or tranquility of the rest of the crew, the captain has the full and unquestionable right to disembark those responsible for such behavior.

Plan and organize land and sea activities, booking moorings, restaurants and other activities. Buy the initial galley and manage the provisions to offer you a journey of discovery, even gastronomic.

Accordingly to the service level, she will prepares breakfast and fresh, tasty and mediterranean meals. She coordinates life on board, involving everyone in maintaining a boat that is always in order and ready to sail.

She manages the common fund and reports on expenses, giving everyone visibility.

Get involved and participate. The crew is the most important element for the success of a trip and we are all called to be part of it, each with their own talents, abilities, inclinations. Each on-board operation, if done with the collaboration of everyone, becomes fast, simple, no useless time is wasted and the journey runs smoothly, trying to live and have fun, discovering and navigating as many places and experiences as possible.


Melpomene is equipped with three tanks for about 900 liters of fresh water which the crew will fill during each stop in the harbour

In any case, the water on board is a precious commodity and as such it should not be wasted, but without too many sacrifices and problems. The crew will be able to instruct you on how to best manage its consumption..

Moored in the port, everything is very similar to your own home, but while sailing and at anchor, the boat will be powered by its own batteries. Everything will work, without any sacrifices, but care must be taken not to waste energy, for example by leaving the lights on in the cabin.

The recharging of telephones, computers and other electronic equipment will always be guaranteed by the USB and USB-C sockets present in each cabin and in the common areas.

Melpomene is equipped with an electric generator which allows the use of household appliances, a hairdryer and the use of air conditioning even when at anchor.

However, the operation of the generator involves a certain noise on board, for this reason it is preferable to limit its use to cases that are actually necessary.


Each bathroom is equipped with a shower, but none of the bathrooms has a separate shower cubicle, the water will therefore settle at the bottom of the floor which a special pump will empty.

As you can imagine, taking a shower also means consuming a lot of water, so one should not imagine being able to indulge in long showers like at home, but one must therefore be careful not to let the water run unnecessarily and try to be as fast as possible , without giving up the taste of a regenerating shower.

In summer the best thing is the famous sea shower!

As you imagine, the shower is one of the things that consumes a lot of water. So in case of large groups and in routes where could be difficult to recharge the water tanks, will be possible to take a shower in the bathroom only authorized by the on-board staff.

However, there is a beautiful solution: the marine shower!

At the end of every beautiful day at the beach, a splash of fresh water, a nice soapy bath with biodegradable soap, a rinse bath in the sea, and a last spray of fresh water to eliminate the saltiness. It is one of the most beautiful moments of the day and even the most skeptical fall in love with it.

To do something nice with you and do something important for nature, on board you will find biodegradable and totally natural products at your disposal. Thanks to a collaboration with GreenNatural you will find on board the necessary both for the person and for the environments.

Tip: do not bring shower gel, instead bring wet wipes with you, sometimes they can be very convenient for quick refreshes.

Moored in the port without any problems, at anchor it will be necessary to ask the skipper to turn on the generator.


Melpomene has one electric toilet and two manual toilets. In all cases, the thing that must never be forgotten is that both paper (even toilet paper) and any other object must not be thrown into the cup.

Tip: ask the crew to explain how the toilets (electric and manual) work.


The program is defined by the skipper and staff accordingly to the guest preferences. We have already defined a rough one but the weather conditions will decide the exact sequence of the islands and places we will visit.

The choice of the stops, the type of moorings, the possibility of sailing or not is the exclusive and unquestionable responsibility of the skipper in command.

All the routes can includes moorings in the port also to allow everyone to discover the land and experience the festive atmosphere of these days. If the conditions allow it, however, we will also try to experience an evening at anchor anchored under the stars.

We always provide alternative plans that in case of adverse weather still allow us to have fun and experience the islands. However, it is important to know that in the event of inclement weather, the proposed itinerary may undergo changes and downsizing, for example not guaranteeing the visit of all the islands and places.

Sure! Based on the actual itinerary, we will also offer you land activities full of discovery and adventure, get ready for anything! Walks, trekking, dinners, caves, snorkeling, every island and every day something beautiful and fun to experience and navigate.

Some activities may have an extra cost that we do not include in the fee precisely because they depend on the actual performance of the activity.


We always have fun discovering the places where we sail even from their kitchen. You will find the initial galley already on board, and then we will have fun together reinforcing it with something fresh directly in the stops that we will do.

Skipper and staff wake up before everyone else and then you will find a rich breakfast waiting for you in the cockpit when you wake up.

The hostess-coordinator will propose you a menu of the day and prepare it. If you want share the food experience we are open to let you participate to the preparation and discover recipes, products and secrets of cooking on the boat.

Island by island we will offer you an evening program that will allow you to experience them and discover them also in their fun nightlife. We will often dine out, alternating good restaurants with fun aperitifs facing the sea, we always know the best solution to eat well without spending too much.

Accordingly to the crew service level, we’ll be also ready to prepare a dinner onboard each time you’ll prefer to stay on the boat and enjoy a dinner with sea all around.


Upon boarding, the following must be paid:

  • compulsory extra costs (e.g.: starter pack)
  • optional extra expenses (e.g.: personal towels; wifi; etc.)
  • service charges (e.g.: comfort service; luxury service; etc.)
  • common fund advance (equivalent to 50% of estimated consumption)
  • security deposit (when required)

Before disembarkation, the following must be paid:

  • balance of the consumptions

A common fund will be set up on board to pay the galley expenses, all the moorings including those of the base and diesel.

We will anticipate the expenses to carry out the initial galley and we will manage the accounts of the common fund day by day, asking you to contribute from time to time, indicating the items that gradually affect the expenses.

Tip: always try to have some cash with you, especially in the last few days when you will be asked for the balance.

Consumption on board which are galley (food and drinks), fuel (both of the boat and of the outboard motor), fresh water for the tanks. Moorings (ports, buoys or other types of parking). Any land activities or expenses that the crew decides to manage with the common fund.

The fuel consumption can be calculated either with the actual refueling at the end of the holiday or with the count of the engine hours carried out and the consumption per hour that each boat indicates in its navigation book.

The estimated cost of the common fund is mentioned in the charter description page or in the shared documents.

Only if it’s mentioned in the charter description page or in the shared documents.


If you need more information please visit our FAQs and our Guidelines pages or send us a message we will answer as soon as possible.

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